A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A submission to the Epic Mega Jam 2020.

A platformer game whose mechanics change while you keep connecting and upgrading with other parts or machines (only three core mechanics were developed for the jam though).

Controls (highly recomended use of gamepad):


Full gameplay:

Install instructions

Install the game directly from the Itch.io app or download the zip files (highly recomended download post jam update which improves gameplay and some bugs).


Robot_PostJamUpdate_Windows.zip 547 MB
Robot_PostJamUpdate_LinuxAArch64.zip 512 MB
OrIginalJamSubmission_MaxScheler_Robot.zip 741 MB

Development log


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Buen juego, me ha gustado la idea, me recuerda un poco al estilo de "getting over it", el concepto es adictivo porque te hace sentir muy bien cuando superas pequeños obstáculos, aunque no es tan frustrante, eso se agradece. 

This game is amazing, might be a Jam game but it has great potential, everyone should play it.

I found some bugs with the kart getting stuck but stills a enjoyable game. 



Muchas gracias por jugar y sobre todo por dejarme este comentario. Arreglar el coche es una de mis prioridades porque es una faena que tengas que volver a empezar si se ha quedado atascado.